Shaping the Brain in the First 5 years

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The magic of playtime: play is one of the biggest ways your child's mind develops in the early years. Try these playtime tools and techniques to take your playtime to a whole new level of growth and learning.

An extraordinary relationship for an extraordinary mind: discover how to nurture a deep attunement with your child - which science now shows is a monumental catalyst for brain development.

The truth about nature vs nurture: how much influence do you really have over your child's development and character? The answer may surprise you.

Developing a strong & healthy belief system: harness the latest findings in attachment science to instill a set of healthy, uplifting, and empowering subconscious beliefs in your child.

Autonomy from an early age: how to help your child gain autonomy, independence, and deep self-awareness - from early childhood all the way to adulthood.


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