Big Emotions Little Bodies (Plus FREE access to "Shaping the Brain in the First 5 Years")

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The scientific (yet straightforward) way to nurture emotional intelligence: the science may be complex, but helping your child build emotional intelligence is surprisingly simple once you know-how.

How to help your child manage big emotions: once you know the key differences between a child and adult brain, you'll find it far easier to help your child navigate situations that may otherwise overwhelm them.

Why stress is unavoidable, but being stressed out isn't: gain instantly effective tools and techniques to help your child become far more resilient to the stresses of daily life.

What to do when you mess up: the best thing you can do after a not-so-proud parenting moment (and how your child can grow stronger from your mistakes when approached correctly).

Strong emotional intelligence through deeper bonding: how your relationship with your child can be your biggest asset in nurturing emotional intelligence.

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